Plant a butterfly garden!

With Earth day coming up on April 22, we thought we'd suggest a fun activity for the kiddos to do. Let's plant a butterfly garden! Did you know that butterflies and moths are indicators of a healthy environment and healthy ecosystems? They have been widely used by ecologists as model organisms to study the impact of habitat loss and fragmentation, and climate change. They are also the third most prolific pollinator behind bees/wasps and flies! 

Did you know that if you create a wildlife-friendly garden you can have it certified? Learn all about it here

Show all your friends that by creating a sanctuary for creatures big and small you are contributing to a healthy environment and a happy planet!  


Our sweet model is wearing the Alyssa top and Bebe Bloomers

Botanicals: Color Concept Spring 15

Botanicals make their way into our Spring 15 color story. We've taken our greens and washed them in darker tones to create soft muted teals, smokey tans, and warm corals. Our inspiration begins at dusk when gardens are lit with lively fireflies and the sounds of nature preparing for sleep.

With the launch of this new color story, we're also introducing new spring styles! A little birdie told us that these are already selling quickly, so don't miss out on our newest dresses, tops, and skirts! 

Images from top left to right: Babydoll dress,   Maybel Box Pleated Dress, protea image via,  wreath image via,  Classic Cable Crewneck sweaters,  Babydoll dress in Grey dot,  Hydrangea image via,  Maybel Box Pleated dress in Grey marble,  Hayfield Picnic dress in blue fern,  meadow image via,  Essential tee in Lolli stripe,  Pointelle Clara cardigan in Coral rose,  Pia Top in Kiwi. 

The Best Spring Duos for photo sessions!

We know that there will be lots of posing for pics this spring holiday, so we wanted make it very easy to dress the kiddos in the cutest coordinating outfits. Trust us, your photographer will love you for it! We put together some outfits that aren't too matchy-matchy but just the right amount of fresh, classic, and cute- like them!

First off we've paired the Pascale Sweater Dress with our Chevron Jacqueline Cardigan for her and the Cotton Bailey Top with the Birdseye Pattern Sweater Vest for him. The vest and the dress are a perfect pair!

Our second dynamic duo is perfect for the outdoors! We've paired the Gingham Pia Day Dress  with the Pointelle Clara Cardigan for her and the Cotton Bailey Top and Gingham Check Bailey Shortall for him. 

We've included a neutral palette for those that prefer a softer, fresh and simple style. For big sis, the Eyelet Lacey Top and the Gingham Spring Skirt is a lovely match to the Cotton Alyssa Top and the Gingham Bebe Bloomers

This cheery couple can only mean that they light up a room! Our vintage inspired Polo Tennis Topper with the Gingham Spring Skirt is sweet pair to the Boys Cable Crewneck and the Gingham Gibson Boys Shirt. We love the pop of color on these two outfits! 

Does your family coordinate outfits for photos sessions? We would love to see how you pair Olive Juice this spring! #olivejuice and tags us @loveolivejuice on instagram to show us your looks! 

Olive Juice Spotted!

We've been seeing some wonderful collaborations with Olive Juice lately and we wanted to share those beautiful images with you! It is always exciting for us to see how our clothing is styled in so many different ways! Take a look at what some of our friends have done. 

First up a little feature in Little Zooey Magazine! We spotted our Bartley Skirt in Bisque in this adorable post about Little Zooey's picks for Spring! We love this online magazine about women, families, and the pursuit of simple- so go check it out because we think you'll love it too!

Next up- Handmade Charlotte + Pottery Barn Kids

Our dear friend Handmade Charlotte has joined forces with Pottery Barn to create fun kits for kids! We love her blog and were thrilled to participate with this retro photoshoot styled by the fabulous Meta Coleman

We love how our Classic V-Neck Cardigan looks with those bright shorts! Makes you smile for sure!

And the little girl is wearing the Bartley Skirt in Blue Fern. Again, another smile! Be sure to check out the other kits that are available as well. 

And the post we are so excited about- Design for Mankind! If you have not visited our new friend Erin's blog - we highly recommend it. Her thoughtful writing style will have you dreaming of a simpler life surrounded with just the right amount of ups and downs. We couldn't wait to collaborate with her and her adorable daughter Bee. 

This post was about spending the afternoon writing to pen pal friends, something that many of us find little time to do. It's a good reminder to slow down and take note that something such as a letter can make someone's day just a little better. 

Doesn't little Bee look so sweet in her Tennis Topper? She also wore the lovely Ludlow Cardigan in Sea Green. 

If you happen to spot Olive Juice around the interwebs please let us know! We love to see how others style our items!

Olive Juice Spring 2015 Collection Launch!

We are thrilled to share our Spring 2015 Collection with you! We're sure that our three color palettes for this season will brighten up your winter woes!  First up - Powdery Palette...

Our powdery soft palette brings soft grey, pink and neutrals all together. Add some color pop with brighter pinks and rich burgundy! Gingham checks and zig zag chevrons will bring a smile to your (and their) faces!

A Picture Perfect Giveaway!

We are super excited to share with you an amazing giveaway collaboration with Mer Mag BlogPinhole Press and Olive Juice! What better way to start the holidays than to be the lucky winner of this picture perfect giveaway!  Head over to Mer Mag to ENTER for a chance to win  $150 toward your holiday cards with Pinhole Press,  a signed copy of the super crafty filled and gorgeous book Playful by Merrilee Liddiard, and $150 Olive Juice gift certificate to dress the kiddos! Amazing right!


Pinhole Press offers beautiful options when it comes to personalized Holiday cards so choosing the right one for your family is quite easy as they offer an abundant amount of photo layouts- and the paper quality is devine!

For the giveaway, Mer Mag enlisted the help of photographer Jesse Draper to capture the special moments that the siblings shared throughout the shoot. 

We LOVE how Mer Mag styled the shoot with Olive Juice clothing! 

Miss M is adorable in her Becca dress in Bittersweet!

And in the Taupe Anouk Dot version!

Little brother wore the Bailey Overalls in Bittersweet with the Wonderland Jumper in Crème Brûlée. 

Big brother wore the Playtime hoodie in Jet Ivory Red Stripe and Bailey Overalls in Charcoal.

To see more of Mer Mags holiday wardrobe pics for kids head over to the Pinhole Press blog

The last day to enter the giveaway is Wed.,  Nov. 26! Good luck to all!



Heart Stencil DIY

We love the Color Block Essential tee and wanted to show you how to customize it with a stencil! 

We thought a heart stencil would be perfect to start with as it's really simple to cut one out. The list of DIY ingredients are as follows...

1. Essential tee in the color of your choice. We used the elephant/ cream color block one!

2. Foam pouncers- we love these.

3. Fabric Paint- try we found that these work great!

4. Freezer paper - you can get this at the grocery store. 

5. Your trusty iron.

The first step is to iron on the freezer paper wax down so that it adheres to the fabric. Once you feel that the paper is stuck on well, use your foam pouncers to gently dab the paint all over the inside of the stencil. You'll want to place a piece of cardboard inside the t-shirt so that the paint does not go through. Once the paint is dry, you can remove the freezer paper. Place a bit of fabric to cover the image and iron over it to set the paint. That's it! 

A simple DIY that you and a friend can do in an afternoon! 

Show us how you customize your Olive Juice on Instagram with #olivejuicekids !

Halloween Costume Ideas

We're quickly coming up on Halloween so we pulled together some costume ideas from some of our favorite book characters that you can easily make for your kiddos incorporating Olive Juice clothing! 

Olivia the Piglet is tops with our kids! To dress like her you will need the Becca dress in Bittersweet, the Bow Tights, and the Striped Crown

babar the elephant.jpg

Babar the Elephant, the most lovable guy! To sport the look, you will need the Bailey top in white, V-Neck cardigan in peacock, Playhouse pants in charcoal, Gold crown, and Kerchief. 

Our favorite little bookworm Matilda is reading her way through all the spooky books this Halloween. For the Matilda look you'll need the Tilda Dress in chambray, Ivory tights, MaryJane shoes, and owl hair clips

We love Madeline and the Clancy dress was made for her! Add the Bailey top, ivory tights, Mary Janes, and the Claire Beret for an belle costume! 

Show us how you wear your Olive Juice on Instagram with #olivejuicekids!

DIY Marbleized Wooden Bead Necklace

Here's a fun rainy day activity and a lovely gift to make for the holidays! We love that no two necklaces will be the same. This DIY is best done with a grown-up helper or an older sibling as it can get a bit messy. 

A few things to note about the supply list:

-We found these wood beads to work best. The bigger the better!

-Nail polish should not be the fast drying kind. 

-We'll be offering our velvet ribbon soon! 

Step 1- Fill the bowl to the top with water. Pour a little polish. Roll the bead once across the water.

Step 1- Fill the bowl to the top with water. Pour a little polish. Roll the bead once across the water.

Let the bead air dry for a few hours.

Let the bead air dry for a few hours.

Once dry, string the ribbon through the beads.

Once dry, string the ribbon through the beads.

That's it! Try your hand at making bracelets using the same method. Show us your necklaces by tagging your photos #CraftyOJ on Instagram! We'd love to see them!

This is how We OJ: Pick-your-own Farms

As the weather turns delightfully crisp, we are exited to share the story of a very special  pick-your-own farm. Sherry and her sweet kiddos have taken the time to answer some questions about life on a pick-your-own farm. 

OJ: Sherry let's start off with finding out the names of your children.

Sherry: I have three children named Peter (10), Margaret (9), and Tim (6).

OJ: Tell us a little about your farm.

S: Ours is a family run farm that specializes in the pick-your-own experience. Our farm and orchards are located high on the Eastern slope of the Blue Ridge mountains, and the views really are majestic. We are now open three seasons out of four, Spring through Fall, growing everything from strawberries, to cherries, plums, etc…Right now we are in apple and pumpkin season, and also have available our gourmet cooking squash, dig-your-own peanuts, sweet potatoes and regular potatoes, as well as the organic Fall greens and sunflowers… Our focus is to provide a real farm experience, and we resist the trend of incorporating endless moon bounces, or other entertainment options that would detract from the experience of picking for the fun of it. 


Families love coming and letting their kids run about the hills and work with real life farm tools, digging, foraging, gathering their own harvest…There is already so much to enjoy, but special entertainment option would be, feeding our ancient goat (Pierre) some kale and hearing him blow his “tuba”. Imagine that!

OJ: How do you incorporate your children into the daily activities of the farm?

S: Each season has it’s specialties, and since Virginia’s seasons are always changing, we are always gearing up for the next thing…The kids help with seed starting in the greenhouse as early as January each year, and we tend those seedlings along for months. As March rolls around, there is a good bit of excitement over things like, potato planting on Saint Patrick's Day. Potatoes are the first outdoor planting event of the year. Walking on newly plowed furrows and smelling the earthy dampness of cool Virginia clay while the tractor rumbles ahead of you is an invigorating experience! Even as young as two, the kids were walking the lines, dropping the potato quarters into the ground…

Margaret is great with tending to the animals. Feeding the house and barn cats, taking care of the ponies, keeping the burrs out of their tails and manes, spritzing them down with fly spray in the summer…She is also very tidy around the house, and likes to cook and can things.

Peter is Chris’ (hubby) best cattle working helper. He helps with moving the herds, or chasing a stray calf back across the fence from time to time. Peter is also an accomplished hunter. We must have eaten five or six wild turkeys that Peter and his dad hunted on the farm last year. 

Tim is my little free spirit. He is also my best little berry picking buddy. His size and those nimble six year old fingers are just right for plucking the berries from the bushes. He also likes to hoe and dig things, and take scraps from various farm projects and build ramps and such for his two-wheeler

OJ: What would be your ideal way to spend the day with your kids? 

S: Going hiking on a sunny Summer day to a nearby swimming hole where there is a beautiful waterfall and crystal clear water, swimming, and having just the right picnic lunch.  -Or maybe just staying on the farm, packing up the ponies with a picnic and the kids, and taking a family walk to the orchard to enjoy the scenery. Or, if not nice outside, maybe cooking at home on a rainy day…Making soup and bread, or homemade pizza.. We love cooking and eating together. 

OJ: We are in apple season, tell us what your favorite apple varieties are.

S: I love some of the heirloom varieties, such as Esopous Spitzenberg (Thomas Jefferson’s favorite apple!) or Zabergau Reinette. I also really love the Shizuka (super big and juicy), and Nittany apples (although we do not have any Nittany apples in our orchard). I tend to like an apple that has just a bit of spiciness or tartness to balance the sweetness. In the fall especially, I love to bake apple pies, and cook our Heritage pork with apples and homemade sauerkraut.

OJ: Can you explain the importance of planting heirloom seeds?

S: Heirloom seeds are seeds that are from cultivars that were developed more than fifty years ago. We grow some heirloom cultivars of fruits and vegetables, but also use some more modern varietals, often developed by university research programs. Newer varietals have usually been bred for better yield or disease tolerance. The Rutgers tomato is a good example of an heirloom tomato with a university breeding background. Another heirloom tomato that we love around here is, Aunt Ruby’s Green Striped tomato. Even when ripe, it is perfectly green and delicious! 

OJ: Thank you Sherry for inviting us into your colorful world! Is there anything else that you would like to add? 

S: Any kind of apple can make a good pie!

If you would like to learn more information about visiting pick-your-own farms,


Margaret is wearing our Rosalind Topper in North Sea Green and the Autumn Skirt in Chambray

Peter is wearing  our Christopher Polo in Jet Ivory/Red Stripe and our Loungewear Pant in Gray

Tim is wearing our Playtime Hoodie in Navy and the Playhouse Pants in British Tan

International Literacy Day- Book Giveaway!

 We are celebrating books today as it's International Literacy Day! We've giving away one of our most favorite books called This is Paris by M. Sasek. 

The illustrations are delightful and transports the reader to all the famous French landmarks in Paris. It's oo-la-la lovely! 


But what we've realized is that one can not read the book without the proper French attire so that is why we are also adding one of our Claire Berets to the giveaway! Mais oui! 

This is how We olive juice! : Ania and Clara

We are so excited to launch our latest collaboration post! We'll be featuring moms and dads from around the globe and their oh-so-stylish tots! We love to see how you incorporate our items into your little's closet and we want you to meet some very fun parents along the way. 

Our dear friend Ania has a gorgeous blog, The Diplomat's Wife, where she writes about her adventurous family that moves every two years because of her hubby's new assignments as a diplomat. We sent her some items from our Spring 2014 collection and she has shared the way she incorporated them into little Clara's wardrobe. We caught up with her in Barcelona and Mallorca, Spain and asked her a few questions about her on-the-go mum life.

OJ: Tell us where you live.

Ania: My husband is a diplomat so we change where we live about every 2-3 years but for now, we're in Copenhagen, Denmark.

OJ: What would be the perfect way to spend the day with your little one?

Ania: A lazy wake-up to a  sunny chocolate with fresh croissants for outing to a pool or one of Denmark's lovely summer beaches...a few inside jokes...sushi for two in the evening outside...topping it off with a watching her favorite movie, Finding Nemo, which she likes to watch in Spanish, on our couch.  Maybe an ice cream if we've both been's the little things that make the days with kids perfect.


OJ: Describe in a few words her style preference.

Ania: Colorful, charismatic, playful and classic.

OJ: What's her favorite bedtime book?

Ania: Goodnight Moon is still a hit with us, even though my daughter can nearly recite it from memory.  Also, as I'm Polish, we have a few Polish books as well.  There is one called "Lokomotywa", about a steam train, which she loves to listen to since when you read it aloud it actually sounds like a train coming down the tracks...


OJ: Finish this sentence… My favorite part of being a mom is___

Ania: Being surprised every day.  At some point, you get to a stage in life where you think you might never be in awe anymore - we're exposed to so much these days through travel and movies and books and internet...but then the little ones come along and make you discover all these things that you didn't even realize you were missing.

Thank you Ania and petit Clara! We can't wait to see where your next adventure takes you! If you have any questions for Ania, let us know in the comment section. 

Clara is wearing the Cosmos Twill skirt in Barcelona and the Ruffle Bib dress in Mallorca. Both are from the Spring 2014 collection. 

Little Heros Launch

We are so excited to launch our new campaign Little Heros! We encourage children to volunteer their time in their communities and we would like to cheer them on! We'll be highlighting a Little Hero once a month on our blog so if you have a great kiddo we should know about please email us at with the subject line Little Heros. Pass along you your friends and family!

Summer Outfits

We're loving the hot weather! We've put together three looks that will take your tot from morning to night...

Pom Pom Ponytail

We welcome Ava as our new hair post contributor! Today she's showing us how to do a fun pom pom ponytail do!

For this tutorial you will need a handful of pom pom beads, clear fishing line, two hair bands and a brush.

Start by brushing the hair back and gathering it into a high pony tail.

Once gathered, push the clear fishing line through the band and secure with a knot.

Section the hair into three and with the first pass of the braid add a pom pom. 

Braid another section and string the second pom pom.  

Continue braiding the hair and adding a pom pom with the start of a new pass. 

Once you reach the bottom of the braid, secure it with a band. Tie the fishing line to the bottom band and trim off the excess line. 

All finished! Thank you to Ava and her sister Sabrina! Look for more of Ava's tutorials in our upcoming posts. 

Ava is wearing the the Ona Frock dress in Sunburst.

Sabrina is wearing the Baby doll top in Teal and the summer skirt in Yellow Stripe.

Pillows provided by Little Pincushion Studio.

Father's Day Tie Pin

We found a little friend to teach you how to make a fun tie pin for your Papa!

Here's what you'll need:

1. Perler fuse beads in assorted colors

2. Assorted shape pegboards 

3. Iron- we got the mini  here 

4. Hot glue gun and sticks (cool setting)

5. Earring post and backs

6. Fuse paper (you can use non-stick parchment paper)

Step 1:

To make the fox, follow the pattern in the image below. Place the beads in the correct order on your square pegboard. 

Step 2:

Place the parchment paper on top of the fox. Place the iron on top of the paper and gently press for about 5- 10 seconds. If you find that the beads have not fused together, iron again for a few more seconds. Be careful, the beads can get very fused and the design may distort. 

tie pin 6.JPG

Step 3:

Once it is fused, you'll find that the design sticks to the paper. Gentle lift it off and flip it over. You will now do the exact same thing on the other side.

Step 4:

Get a grown up to place a little dollop of hot glue on the back of the fox and push the earring post into the glue.

Hurray you are finished! We've even made a card for you to decorate and add your pin to! 

Click here for the link to the card PDF.  Get creative and make your own designs!

Little Lola is wearing the Liberty Print Annie dress